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Thursday, 2 June 2011

My feet are that much more lonely now

Keeping with how comical my life is, while sprucing up the garden this afternoon with some Cedar mulch, I made the much ill-informed decision to throw the shovel down on the ground, exactly where my foot was. Suffice to say, I am now missing about 4mm of the tip of my big toe. The ER doctor thought it was rather funny, and told me since it missed the bone, all I can do is just keep it wrapped in gauze and lather it in polysporin once and a while. He did give me a small script for some pain meds which I don't think I'll use since I have a few grams of my own pain meds, i.e. Cannibus.

In other news, I walked in on my buddy masturbating yesterday, pretty funny, and pretty awkward as well. It's his fault, don't leave your front door unlocked when your jerkin your gerkin and expecting people to come over. For those of you confused as to what masturbation is....check this out Touching Yourself

Now one issue I am interested in speaking about today, dirty tactics in hockey. Why, you may ask? Well, as most Canadians and many American's know, the Stanley Cup finals started last night and it was quite an intense game, all credit goes to the goaltenders for keeping it so damn exciting. Anyway, Patrice Bergeron and Alex Burrows at the end of 1st Period got into a Scrum which ultimately ended in Burrows allegedly trying to feast upon Bergeron's delectable middle finger. Now, obviously dirty little Mike Tyson-esque moves like this shouldn't be accepted, but at the same time, Hockey has always been a bit of a dirty sport, throwin elbows when you can, hitting from behind, and of course the tolerance of all out brawling. Bergeron face washed Burrows, Burrows clamped his fangs down on Bergeron's finger? Who is to blame here? From my own experience and education, biting when smothered is actually quite a natural defence mechanism. Anyway, what I'm trying to ask here is, was this really a suspendable offence? Both men were going at it even when the linesman was clearly trying to break them up. Burrows ultimately didn't get suspended, but should it have even been a possibility? I mean...far worse goes unpunished in this sport...doesn't it?

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